Design #1

Ideal use of yard space with a single standing pergola with wooden trellis. The design is combined with a matching color table for outdoor spaces and a set of sofa and two armchairs. Not only does the pergola have a covered slatted roof, but the opportunity for customisation has been taken by installing 4 lights and a fan to add to the comfort and practicality of this patio area.

Get your single standing pergola.

Design #2

Innovative and simple patio area. Practical combination of a single standing pergola with corrugated shade sails and screen. The structure is combined with suitable seating furniture, a garden table and a hammock for the perfect finishing touch to a comfortable, cosy and fresh area for your yard.

Get your single standing pergola with wavy shade sails.

Design #3

Get an idea of the amazing possibilities for building backyard recreational structures with our pergolas. Innovative and modern design created by a double standing trellis, combined with upper shade sails. Exterior lights are hung to add maximum comfort and compliment the overall design.

For maximum functionality and privacy, the pergola is attached to pylons with black curtains that complement the elegant design and allow for enclosure.

This combination is perfectly finished with a beautiful solid wood table and patio chairs to represent your backyard space for family and gatherings with friends or just relaxing on warmer days of the year.