PHOTOvoltaic systems

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Practical and easy to assemble.


Simple and extremely strong.


Built to last

Our products are created with materials and manufacturing practices that ensure a quality end product. Read the descriptions and find out more about them.

Pergolas and SHEDS

What are they and how are they used? Learn more about our products!

Photovoltaic systems

What are PV carports and how can they benefit you?


Standard sheds for your yard

WHY exelon?

Extremely simple design and easy to figure out systems, but not at the expense of attractive looks. Our products come in a variety of sizes and shapes and applications, enabling you to make the most of your outdoor space.


Pergolas and canopies of modular type allow connecting the parts in different ways. This way you have the ability to remove and replace certain parts without replacing the entire system.


Quick and easy installation, taking approximately 60 minutes per section, with no special tools required. Just add timber.


Built to last with high quality steel coated with a weather resistant layer. With all parts included to attach to the tree.

GL_Grid1 (1)


Our clamp are made of stainless steel with 4 screw holes on each 2 sides of the sleeve.


The beams for the pergolas are 12x12 centimetres thick.


What does it take to install a complete pergola system?


First you need all the parts of the system assembled and delivered to you as a kit.


To remove the parts, you will need standard tools such as a impact driver, screwdriver and protective clothing.

fixing parts

Structures are often placed on different surfaces, which requires different fixing methods.

*We recommend a team of 4-5 people to assemble the structure.

About the important moments

With our innovative products, you can enjoy the moments together with your friends and family.

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