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Our products are created with materials and manufacturing practices that ensure a quality end product.

Pergolas are simple, easy to assemble wooden structures made of several elements. Most often these are wooden beams, steel assemblies and a shade or rain cover, which are attached by means of wood screws and support strips.

Pergolas are extremely versatile and allow any type of modification, which allows you to use your yard space according to your needs.

These kits are not only for outdoor use in your garden, but could also be used for any other purposes that require the construction of a similar type of structure or the construction of a space.

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What is usually needed to assemble such a system:


A minimum of 3 people is required. We recommend a team of 4-5 people to assemble the structure.


For assembly, you will need standard tools such as a screwdriver, screwdriver, tape measure and protective clothing.

grounding parts

Structures are often placed on different surfaces, necessitating different grounding methods for the main brackets.


The pergolas reach up to 3 metres in height, which necessitates the use of a ladder when finalizing the construction.

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