Single Standing Pergola with Hammock and Shade Canvas 224 x 224 cm

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Make your outdoor seating area a cosy and enjoyable place and add a single standing pergola set with hammock and 1 shade sail, designed for 12x12cm beams.

Easy to build, easy to enjoy. You can customize them in any way and combine them with other products and accessories. Our kits are quick to assemble so you can enjoy your time relaxing outdoors!



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Create the perfect oasis of relaxation and unwind with a standing pergola set with a two-person hammock.
Perfect for your poolside garden or as a stand-alone marquee in your spare backyard space.

The hammock is made of Challenge Sailcloth with a stainless steel O-ring.
Designed to withstand up to 227 kg. of static evenly distributed weight.
Reinforced with a web of straps connected to the heavy duty rings.

Additional information
Weight 160 kg


Single Standing Pergola with Hammock and Shade Canvas Assembly Kit.

The kit contains:

What is needed to assemble the system:


A minimum of 3 people is required. We recommend a team of 4-5 people to assemble the structure.


For assembly, you will need standard tools such as a screwdriver, screwdriver, tape measure and protective clothing.


The pergolas reach up to 3 metres in height, which necessitates the use of a ladder when finalizing the construction.

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